Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Day of Hard Writing

I pray for a day of hard writing.
A day to move past deep desire long and vigorously nurtured.
To write in the liberty of . . .
To write in Liberty . . .
To write Liberty . . .
To Liberty
Where ambition and pursuit no longer mask themselves as fuel but reveal themselves as addictions.
I pray for a day of hard writing.
To be overwhelmed not by inadequacies
because this is not the passive act of being overwhelmed
this still offers claims at control and prescribing uncalled for boundaries.
Rather be overwhelmed
and pray for a day of hard writing
where she suddenly appears in simply lines.


After Postmodernism?

Sorry this is a lame post considering I haven't posted in so long but for those of you not up on the movers and shakers in current philosophy check out these clips from youtube featuring Slavoj Zizek. Enjoy (especially the bedroom scene ;))

Philosophy and Late Capitalism


Hopefully more original content to come!