Monday, March 31, 2008

Forthcoming . . .

In the Pastoral Care class that I am taking (recommended for me en route to ordination) I am writing a paper on ministry to men. This allowed me to finally spend some time reading and reflecting on the larger issue of gender. I will be posting on this topic briefly. For now sit back and enjoy a clip from Godmen the newest men's ministry in America. A recent article noted the lyrics to their 'cowboy up' style worship. The title of the song . . . Grow a Pair.
"We've been beaten down / Feminized by the culture crowd /
No more nice guy, timid and ashamed / We've had enough, cowboy up /
In the power of Jesus' name / Welcome to the battle /
A million men have got your back / Jump up in the saddle /
Grab a sword, don't be scared / Be a man, grow a pair!"
(Blade, you may want to steer Anthony in this direction)

Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy


Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Don't Believe in Nothing No More!

I was reading today's Toronto Star and I suppose being Easter weekend they needed to give Jesus some coverage. Of course it was highly controversial pushing Christianity to the brink of insanity and perhaps beyond. The first blasphemous article claimed that perhaps the cross was actually a "T" and not a "t". And if this weren't enough they went to say that maybe the nails were not driven through his hands but through his forearms. Needless to say there has been outrage. "Several theologians say it's offensive to deliberately ignore the iconic depiction venerated by millions of Christians, Catholics in particular."
The second article appears to swipe the legs right out from under the Christianity machine. Here the unprecedented statement is made that Jesus may not have actually been interested in forming a new religion. It is not surprising that we the faithful have missed such a controversial claim as Barry Wilson took "a close reading of the story of Jesus – some drawing on lost gospels not included in modern Bibles" which "reveal[ed] that he was not trying to establish a new religion in his name."

Lord have mercy. How do you even start to respond? If this is a controversial as it gets these days I am not sure what that is telling us about these books authors or about their readers.
Christ have mercy.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well if you have to . . .

Well I suppose you are just itching to read something by me so I posted my last two sermons which I felt quite good about (never sure how to feel about my own sermons) especially the second one.

Born in Love

A Blinding Sight

(I hate sermon titles)


They Will Come

Things have been crazy and I am not quite keeping up with the bare essentials right now so the posts will be a little fewer and far between . . . but they will come.

If any of you don't use a feed reader to keep up with your blogs you should look into it. I have been quite happy with iGoogle.