Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wilde Stuff

My local thrift store has absolute gems when it comes to used books. The money from the store goes to a reputable non-profit agency and so they don't mind asking a little more for their books as it is going to a good cause. I had to pause when I found the complete works of Oscar Wilde in an older hardcover edition, the price was $8. It was a little rich for my blood and so in order to make a sound decision I randomly flipped open the book and came across these lines in A Woman of No Importance

Mrs. Arbuthnot: Don't kiss my hands; they are cold. My heart is cold: something has broken it.
Hester: Ah, don't say that. Hearts live by being wounded. Pleasure may turn a heart to stone, riches make it callous, but sorrow - oh sorrow, cannot break it.

Well spent.


Heidi the Hick said...


...because if I'd been in town and had an extra handful of toonies in my pocket...

Good score. Enjoy!

hineini said...

Well spent indeed!