Monday, January 19, 2009

Mark Driscoll Kicks his Own Ass

Lord have mercy (or not)
In Houston, Driscoll was intent on making absolutely clear that he is in favor of masculinity. At the 2 hour, 15 minute mark, he invited five pastors from the audience to take the stage, put his hands behind his back, stuck out his chin, and said, “Hit me with your best shot. Go on. I won’t hit you back. I want to show everyone what this is all about.” When none of the five took a swing, Driscoll had them escorted from the building and proceeded to hit himself five times.
Driscoll Punch
“This is what being a pastor is about, guys. If you can’t handle it, go back to teaching yoga or playing My Little Pony with the other girls.”

PS Geez, He really is becoming his own punching bag!


Thomas (Murphy) Bridges said...

Thanks for reminding me to check your blog today (with your comment on my post), and for this hilarious account! Hopefully this event is a slap in the face for anyone who has been taking Driscoll seriously.

pxpaulx said...
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pxpaulx said...

first off, why is that dude taking a swing at my pastor?! I went to that link too, that guy seems alittle too off for me. I've gotten into sports alot, enjoy a beer on occasion, but this guy just sounds like the Christian version of i dunno, dane cook or something. To me it just sounds like an alternate prosperity gospel, minus prosperity with a huge dash of male ego-massaging. do people really act like that? sounds like his church is big, so he must be doing something right i guess!

Unknown said...

That other guy is not seriously your pastor is he Paul? Anyway, yes it is quite amazing the droves of people that can be flocked for expressions like this.

Kurt Willems said...

Ok... Let me just say that this is frickin' hilarious! Great post, thanks!