Monday, April 13, 2009


I am about to do something that is harder than I thought.  I am shutting down IndieFaith (in addition to my facebook account and RSS feeds).  I have no grand or dramatic reason for this only that I am trying to take more and more things out of my life.
I wish you all well as I you will no longer hear from me and I will no longer be reading you.
I am hoping to not to fill this online time with anymore activities (I have a feeling that will be difficult).  A best case senario is that my life can be filled with a little more prayer and a little more starely peacefully out into the world.



Ben Myers said...

So long, I'll miss you!

N Pepperell said...

The dissertation has kept me from commenting much at all, anywhere, recently, but you have been on my reader, and will be missed...