Saturday, June 12, 2010

Persecution Update!

With respect to the post below I see it more clearly now. While I jokingly referred to AUFS as my persecutors (and therefore myself as martyr) I see that perhaps what is happening is the attempt by some of the AUFS folk to walk into a public space which is not neutral in which powers exist and are exercised but they walk in with the knowledge that no 'pious gestures' will shield and protect them and if there is any value in this space it will come only in the witness of their accessible life, their bodies as it were. This is of course all too dramatic (and likely problematic) but I am not yet ready to lose the imagery.

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Julia said...

Hello there, IndieFaith. I must admit, I recognized you as a fellow A-town native from looking at your blogger profile.
That curling club was the best. So many great memories. The picture is sort off a nod to the quasi-idolatrous relationship I have to my prairie childhood.