Monday, July 09, 2007

The Lord's Left Hand

I had a dream last night that I was punching someone's face. After some time the man I was punching said to me, "You know your right hand really makes an impact but I can hardly feel your left." Lately I have been reflecting on my future education possibilities. My recent reading has reawakened some old interests that I wanted to pursue when I was at McMaster. As I was thinking about how I might eventually pick this back up a memory from high school struck me. Having reached 6 feet around grade 9 I was a pretty good little basketball player. However, as I grew older one guy noticed that I never dribbled with my left hand. He constantly exposed this weakness in me. It was of course at this time that I remembered the dream from the night before. Even if my overall goal was to be a basketball player (or boxer, or a theologian, or a pastor, or a Christian, etc.) I still need to develop the weaker aspects of my game. I suppose this observation is common enough but it is nice to be struck by it (with a relatively gentle left) in a timely way.

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