Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Image is Everything

Sifting through some old pictures I knew at some point that I would come across this one. This was taken about 10 years (that's right boys) at a Zao show in some dingy little house on the outskirts of Seattle. Other than the local Winnipeg Christian hardcore scene (which in retrospect was really quite good) this was my first hard-hardcore show. I absolutely love this picture. Centered in the frame is the trendy rock-a-billy kid (does that still have currency?). Then to the left is the tough guy, face grimaced, thrusting a poor kid into the fray. Then on the right is a guy pulling off three stellar moves. First he is shark position with his left hand raised to enter the water. For added hardness he sports the teddy-bear (anyone want to make something of it!). To top it off he's got a guy in a full choke hold, with his victim still trying to bust out some of his own moves.

For those of you new to hardcore dancing see the following helpful videos,

"How to Hardcore Dance"
(Ah, I'll never forget when Kev introduced to the world of hardcore dance in my dorm room. Yes this video is terrible I know.)

For other equally horrible hardcore dance instructions see here and here

"The Origins of Hardcore Dancing"
(Sorry a couple of f-bombs in the song being played here but it was sooo good. Notice how even the choke-hold was evidenced in these humble beginnings)

"Hardcore dance Drive-by"


pxpaulx said...

Awesome post; loved the origins, that was frickin hilarious! the breakdown had me in tears. It's been awhile since I've seen the hardcore dance, It always fascinated me (i used to swing an arm now and again, never had the courage for a full windmill though, haha)

johnny m said...

bravo my friend. i'm truly speechless. what a show that was tho! the whole tooth & nail staff practically showed up for that.