Saturday, May 22, 2010

Middlesex Response

At some point I would like to post a reflection on the ongoing story of the closing of the philosophy department at Middlesex University.  The most recent event is the suspension of some faculty and students in response to protests.  Graham Harman has posted a number of international letters written to the administration.  He has also posted his own succinct letter.  Rather than calling down righteous indignation upon them he has, in my mind, simply reflected back to them what they have done.
Your administrators did nothing yesterday but turn Hallward and Osborne into international martyrs. Even if all ethics and justice were taken out of the picture, the suspensions are a clumsy overreaction in purely Realpolitik terms.
If letters coming from other humanities departments, that the university apparently does not care about anyway, are to make any impact it would seem that sort of approach would be preferable.

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