Thursday, May 06, 2010

Put on Your Rally Caps

I'm not sure how many hockey fans are out there reading this but the Montreal Canadiens are in a unique position. They came into the playoffs ranked 8th (just qualifying) and came back from 3-1 series deficit to oust the number one ranked Washington Capitals. Last night they just tied the series 2-2 against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. I have no shame in saying that I have jumped on the Canadiens bandwagon. For some reason that phrase went through my mind as they defeated the Penguins and I was reminded of my criticism of 'academic bandwagonry' in my letter below. I thought to myself "Yes, sports teams is where bandwagon jumping belongs." However, it is sports fans that are by far more loyal to their teams than academics are to their theories/theologies. And despite some resistance by the folk at AUFS it is hard to deny that academic work will always be guided by some larger trends and 'bandwagons'. But perhaps there are yet to be some theories/theologies or (dead) theorists/theologians who are still waiting to rally, to oust the top ranked dynasties. Is there some value in sticking with a losing theory/theology? I suspect we would all say that there is but are we really faithful to them? Are we really willing to go through 10 or 20 years of being mocked as a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs who have no prospects of making the playoffs never mind a playoff run because of a deep love of something that is all but absent to every other reasonable person? But who knows? There is always next season. And you might think that a team that just makes it into the playoffs surely could not compete with the rigor and depth of the season's number one ranked team but . . . And surely they could not stand against the talent and experience of the defending champions but . . .
I never thought Yoder would make the run that he has (damn pacifist puts up a good fight). So whose big foam finger have you been hiding? Who are you willing to wear a rally cap for at the cost of your intellectual capital?
Me? I'm waiting for a'Kempis to get called up from the minors. Brother Lawrence may be bush league but he's all heart. And the charismatics, I hear their goalie is on fire.

Late roster addition - Schleiermacher may be a cagey veteran that's been overlooked as well.

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